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How To Use The Favorite Button On Twitter

We all know how the Like button works on Facebook and similarly the +1 for content such as articles. But have you thought about using the Favorite button on Twitter to measure quality and effectiveness of your content marketing? Use it also to build your audience, your social media relationships, and to extend the reach of your valuable content with better social content marketing.

Monitoring the impact of your content and the effectiveness of  your social media marketing is vital if you are going to develop copy that meets your audience's needs. To do so, you can, of course, use Google Analytics, watch the number of Likes, Shares, ReTweets and so on in social networks, judge by comments on content, and so on. However, the Twitter Favorite button is also a useful, if under-used resource. Not just for your own content but also to find what content your competitors' are producing that meets with audience approval.

When a follower Favorites one of your Tweets, you will be informed if your notifications are set up correctly. You can also see what all of your followers are Favoriting by clicking on the Discover tab and then Activity. However, you can also discover every Favorited Tweet of any Twitter user by looking at their profile and viewing Favorites, which are shown under Tweets, Following, Followers.

Keeping an eye on what the top content producers in your sector or niche are Favoriting, or which of their content is being Favorited will help you to produce content that is of interest to your audience. You can see what is trending and keep up to date with news and new developments in your industry.

Why Do Users Click the Favorite Button?

There are several reasons people use the Favorite button:

  • To show support or approval e.g. similar to the Like or +1 button
  • To add a bookmark for future reference
  • To try to get a Follower
  • To inspire new content or behaviour – even negative content can provide motivation

Understanding these uses will help you to develop copy that triggers one of these actions in your audience and to communicate with your Followers more effectively.

It is not just about your Followers' use of the Favorite button; it needs to be about your usage too. You can use the Favorite button to catch the attention of your potential audience, to bookmark content that can be re-purposed for your own use, to indicate support and approval to other Twitter users, and to help develop relationships.

For many, especially in small businesses, it can be impossible to find the time to constantly monitor what is happening on Twitter. A quick scan every day can help you to find interesting content. Using the Favorite button means that you can return to this when you have sufficient time to read the articles linked to, or follow up on a discussion.

Take 5 minutes today to read through Tweets (either your own Followers, those you are Following, or by searching a Hashtag of interest), and Favorite anything worth returning to. Then make a regular effort to check your favorites and read the information on the links – you never know what you will find! 

Can’t keep up with your social media content requirements? MintCopy offers content your audience will want to Favorite! Call us at 888-646-8003 or send us an email.


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