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How to Leverage Your Blog Writing to Create More Business

The allure of the “blog” has taken over headlines for the past several years as being one of the premier vehicles for promoting business and attracting customers. Blog writing is more than a form of writing; it’s an art meant to enthuse, entertain and educate.

In this era of easy “DIY” web mastering, many companies have tried their hand at blog writing, but haven’t received the results they anticipated. Some folks read books on how to create an intriguing blog whereas others like to fly by the seat of their pants and write what interests them.

Believe it or not, blog writing takes more than splashing a few thoughts or ideas on your page and hoping for results. Blogs that produce customer responses are scientifically planned, strategized and optimized to cast a larger net across the web.

Strong blog writing includes keywords, specific phrase emphasis and an entertaining or educational topic that draw the reader into your site, thirsting for more information.

Good blog writing strives to include five key elements in every entry:

  1. Simplicity—communicate your message using powerful, but short dialog to draw him or her in and prompt action.
  2. Specific Direction—lay out what exactly you want the reader to do or provide specific steps or examples on how the reader can accomplish a certain action.
  3. Credible Information—know what you are talking about in order to gain the reader’s respect. Have sources and credentials to back your claims.
  4. Element of Surprise—find a tip or nugget of information that most people don’t know, to further solidify your credibility.
  5. A Story—the best blogs have a real story that compels the reader to be glued to their computer screen, reading every word.

Combining these five elements takes practice and skill to master; that’s why many companies hand blog writing over to a professional copywriter who not only has the writing credentials but also tremendous experience with blog writing.

Looking for the Best Blog Writing Company in the Greater Toronto Area?

Searching for the right blog writing fit for your company may not be as easy as it appears. A quick search on Google for blog writing companies that serve areas such as Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton Markham and Scarborough may produce a long list.

How can you discern between the companies that generate strong, compelling blogs versus the lightweights? Here are a few things to spot so you can cut through the clutter and find the best blog writing service:

  • A strong list of powerful blog entries along with a customer contact name and phone number. Call the blog writer’s clients and ask about their experience with the blog and the type of results they’ve received.
  • Areas of expertise—ask if the blog writing company has a niche area or if they have the ability to write intimate blogs about a variety of topics.
  • Years of industry experience writing SEO copy and blogging. Look for someone with established credentials and background. You want a blogger that can explain why the blog is crafted and written the way it is and how it will elicit responses or results.

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