Online Press Releases

Write for people and the search engines will follow!

Plain and simple, good copy generates repeat business. From informational articles to announcing a new company, strong copy draws in your readers and prompts them to act.  While this may be true, many businesses are missing the boat when it comes to online press releases. 

Several years ago, writing a press release and then faxing or mailing it to media outlets was the best way to create a media buzz.  That’s no longer enough.  With the explosion of social media and SEO (search engine optimization), your thoughtful, well intended press release becomes the needle in the haystack that no one is trying to find!

No longer can you simply announce the grand opening of a new business or George Jones’ promotion to senior vice president and have it picked up and noticed. You need to think outside the box and produce vibrant, catchy copy that is properly optimized to hit your intended target. 

Sounds easy?  Add these thoughts to the mix.  Writing creative copy while trying to optimize it isn’t as simple as it may sound.  Copywriters may produce pieces that are eloquently written but have no legs on the Internet.  The flip side, seen all too often, is copy that is only optimized for the Internet and ends up sounding like a bad Dr. Seuss book.  The reader immediately knows what you are up to and will probably disregard your message.

Balancing well written copy with optimization is more than a science—it’s an art. Experienced SEO copywriters understand what gets picked up online and how to craft a result-oriented press release. 

A well-honed online press release needs these important elements:

  • “Gotcha” in the first phrase.  While important for any press release, having a highly compelling first line that contains primary keywords is vital to the success of your online press release. 
  • Identify the folks who will be interested in your topic.  You can’t be lazy about slapping your release on PRNewswire or eMediawire.   Your release will only get buried in the mass number of releases being posted every second.  Go directly to the reporter or source who will take interest in your topic and tailor it to their audience.
  • Track your online PR results.  You only get one shot to make it with a single online press release. You’ll want to know if your approach and content was effective and delivered the results you desired.  Track the number of hits, responses and resulting articles to determine if your approach was on the money or failed.

…and remember plenty of press releases fail. You are competing in an ever changing market. One day it’s blogging the next day its social media; we are over stimulated with the media crush that changes every millisecond; your release may get buried.

Your best offense is a sterling written release that is NOT created for SEO, rather in harmony with search engines. Write for people and the search engines will follow!

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