Web Copywriter Canada

Poorly written web copy can ruin your online reputation

…Startling statement but incredibly true.  Let’s be honest, everyone has a website these days.  From the local grocer to your grandmother; launching a website to promote, sell or simply communicate has become human nature.

When your product or service has to compete with grandma’s recipe site or the myriad of competitors how can you stand out from the rest? Competition is fierce in Canada and it’s definitely, “survival of the Internet fittest”!  Your website has to be strategically positioned to be in the top 10 Google searches.  Combine a top search with intelligent, alluring copy that draws readers in and generates interest in your business.

2 second decision making

Your website visitors make their decision about your website virtually within seconds of landing on your splash page.   They aren’t going to continue searching if the copy doesn’t grab them by the shirt collar and make them understand that they can’t live without your product or service.

What you want from your web copy!

Your website copy should flow with a casual but informative tone. Good copywriters cash in on using powerful descriptive words and avoid verbose, lengthy copy.  Capabilities to look for in a top notch copywriter in Canada include the ability to deliver:

  • Copy that transforms your website visitors into paying customers
  • Polished, intelligent copy that gives your company that professional image
  • Regular updated, informative copy that you can rotate on your home page
  • Insightful ideas of industry trends and innovations so you can keep your site ahead of the competition
  • Intuitive information on each page, along with helpful linking pages
  • Plan and strategize keyword rich copy for top ranking search engine optimization

An exceptional web copywriter is more than someone who can bang out a few attractive pages.  Your company deserves the marriage of creative writing talent with the knowledge of SEO best practices and applications. 

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