Digital White Papers

How they Help Internet Marketing

If you keep hearing about “white papers” in the business and marketing world you aren’t alone.  White paper creation has exploded, especially in digital form as a way to educate and inform consumers and prospective clients about products, services and ideas.

The main objective of a white paper is to educate the reader so he or she can make an informed decision about using / purchasing a product or service.  The writer presents a problem that the reader may have and then systematically delivers a solution that can only be provided through the business’s product or service.

While used as a comprehensive education resource, many companies are leveraging their online whitepapers as an advertising or promotional tool, positioning the white paper as a versatile and cost effective mode of promotion and information dissemination. Several companies, both big and small across the Greater Toronto Area are making use of digital whitepapers for Internet marketing.   

Digital white papers cast a larger net when it comes to drawing more prospects.  They are a big help in your Internet marketing efforts. Positioned strategically, whitepapers can have a major impact on your bottom line. 

Some direct benefits of introducing a digital white paper include:

  • Increased sales and credibility
  • A well written paper gets the respect and attention by high level executives
  • Problem solving material receives a wider positive response
  • Quality content generates inquiries and encourages a discussion

The biggest caveat to creating a digital white paper is that it must be professionally written. Simply throwing some information together does not qualify as a whitepaper. You must understand the techniques and employ the right methodologies to develop a digital white paper that brings results. 

Actually, trying to write the digital white paper yourself may cause more harm than good.  A whitepaper is an information-rich document that not only describes your product, but reflects on your ability to effectively communicate. Presenting a digital white paper that isn’t perfectly executed can turn off prospects and make you lose business in the end. 

Why you need a professional digital white paper copywriter?

While it may be tempting to try to “go for it” alone, consider the following:

  • Can you create a convincing case that not only explains the product but specifically why and how it will solve the reader’s problems?
  • Do you understand how to effectively organize and develop a compelling white paper that takes the reader through the process step-by-step?
  • Have you ever created catchy and influential copy that grabs the reader’s attention and won’t let go?
  • Do you know how to entice the reader without directly selling in your copy?
  • Do you know how to effectively promote and position your digital white paper online?

If you answered “no” to any of the above questions then a professional copywriter may be your best resource to writing digital whitepapers.   A professional digital white paper copywriter understands the intricacies involved and can help you gain concrete results. 

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MintCopy, Inc. produces more than the written word; we optimize your digital white paper copy to deliver a strong online presence—a place that continues to grow and morph every day. 

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