SEO Copywriting

Are Your Best SEO Copywriting Efforts Failing?  

Whether it’s for an e-commerce or informational site, understanding SEO best practices for copywriting will launch your site ahead of the rest. Unfortunately, when it comes to search engine rankings, being an eloquent writer simply isn’t enough.  Writing should not only be informative and alluring, but optimized for search engines (SEO).  Trained and experienced SEO writers will intertwine specific, targeted keywords into their copy to bring the most prospects / customers / readers to your website. Still unsure of how SEO copy differs from other writing?  Think about how you search the web…

SEO Copywriting Makes It EASY for Your Audience to Find You!

When you search for something on the Internet you want the best information as quickly as possible.  So what do you do?  Typically you type in a few keywords into the search engine and pull up a list of websites that offer information to match your search criteria. 

Most searches deliver thousands of results; however the majority of Internet users typically don’t go beyond page one of the search engine findings. As a time saving strategy, readers quickly identify and investigate a strong site on page one, or at the most on page two.   

Obviously, for any website manager, the ideal location is to have your site featured on page one of a major search engine. Like in real estate, it’s location, location, location that delivers SEO copy results!

Keywords are the “Key” to SEO Copy

How do you get that location on page one?  And what best practices make SEO copy writing different than the rest? For one, it’s how the writing uses and manipulates specific keywords throughout the site’s copy. The greater the keyword density in the writing, the higher the rank on search engines. 

Here’s the tricky part though…SEO writers must use keywords in specific areas of the copy and have an optimum keyword density (there’s no “ideal” density; it varies depending on the type of site, content and target audience). If the writing has too many keywords and sounds ridiculous, it’s called keyword stuffing.  A no-no with search engines! 

Understandably, SEO copywriting is more than a skill, it’s an art. 

Is Your Writer Using SEO Copywriting?

Thinking about hiring a writer to populate your site with informative, clean copy?  Make sure you hire the best SEO writer who follows industry best practices. Here are a few things your SEO writer should do: 

  • Use informative, educational copy.
  • Add H1 titles so Google focuses on your chosen keywords throughout the text.
  • Emphasize certain words and phrases using italics, bold and underlining. 
  • Include meta tags to help the reader preview your site and increase your Google ranking.
  • Make lists and checking them twice. People love lists—your writer should include comprehensive lists throughout the site.  
  • Add links throughout the text where appropriate. Keep your reader engaged in all your site has to offer by hyper linking words and phrases to different areas of your site.
  • Increase your content-to-code ratio. Meaning that your writer should include more text in your copy than HTML. Doing this will provide clean copy—just the thing search engines love.
  • Avoid using too much of flash and frames.  They can negatively impact the site’s search engine ranking.

Above all, keep your SEO copy crisp, clean and easy to read. The last thing you want is for your reader to click away.  Deliver copy that always grabs the readers’ attention and prompts them to act.  For the best SEO copy, contact MintCopy, Inc. at 1.888.MINT(6468).003 today! Or use our online form to get in touch.