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PR and Copywriting

Our copywriting team has several years of experience in public relations and corporate communications serving international audiences. We know that the strength of your brand lies in customer trust and loyalty. Win your customers over and keep them coming back!       

Each point of interaction with your target audience must communicate clear and consistent messaging. The positioning of your brand and its success depends on this clarity, consistency and sustained communication. Maintaining this brand positioning across all communication channels is critical to the efficient use of your brand resources and the impact that drives people to positive action.

At MintCopy we help you build your brand equity. Our writing methodology follows a proven process of audience profiling, keyword research, message development, positioning options and performance validation through measurement.

We offer you effective messaging and impeccably crafted communication that invests greater character into your brand’s personality. Our public relations and branding strategy will help you define the voice, the core values and key messages you want your customers to recall and desire continued association with. We commit ourselves to the establishment of your brand promise.        

Brand communication doesn’t stop at your company name, logo and tagline. Here is an indicative list of brand communication tools and techniques that MintCopy provides:

  • Creative ideas and copy for primary corporate identity package - company name, logo and tagline
  • Copy to embellish your Internet presence - website, landing page, search marketing campaign, email marketing and newsletters, online promotion, company blog, intranet
  • Copy for printed marketing collateral - brochure, packaging, flyer, product manual, sales sheet, marketing presentation
  • Corporate positioning document – positioning statement, key messages, core values, mission statement, vision, messaging guideline for various stakeholders and target audiences, elevator pitch
  • Media Kit and PR documentation – company overview document, press release template, media boiler plate, executive profiles, product/service portfolio summary, press releases as required, media training guide for company spokesperson(s), speech writing, ghost articles, news articles    
  • Marketing communication – customer newsletters, product/service updates, sales letters, marketing / sales presentations
  • Industry expert positioning tools – generic articles, information bulletins, blogs, industry whitepapers and research analysis reports
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) documentation – CSR reports, outreach program information, employee/customer call-out communication, website copy, sponsor / donor letters, event communication (invitation, agenda, press release, partner letters)    
  • Internal communication – copy for in-house journals, magazines, bulletins and newsletters, intranet site, employee portal, staff appreciation presentations, awards and recognition announcements  

Let MintCopy assist you in getting your brand to speak in a clear, consistent and compelling voice across all channels. We give you fresh copy, refreshing results - you’ll love to hear your brand speak. And yes, your customers will listen! 

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