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Louis Fernandes, Founder, The Taj Centre: Impressive quality of writing, terrific style, audience focused and innovative thinking – that’s Sheetal’s communication capability. Exactly what we needed when launching a completely new concept in a highly competitive market.  Sheetal and her team at MintCopy are quick to respond and their work is on target, saving us time and effort so that we can concentrate on our business. I am more than happy to recommend Sheetal and MintCopy as a corporate communications and PR consultant to any business.

Aimon Kopera, Founder, Qi Mountain: MintCopy Inc. came highly recommended and we were very comfortable working with Sheetal and her team from the very first phone call. I didn’t actually meet any of them face-to-face until more than 2 years after they started writing for Qi Mountain! Creative copywriting, email marketing, public relations and online brand building has all been a part of what MintCopy has delivered with exceptional quality. I would confidently say that if an organization is looking for personalized communications consulting service provided in a timely and efficient manner, MintCopy would be an excellent choice.

Ron McArthur, past President, WSI: Sheetal has been a corporate communications and PR consultant to WSI for over 2 years now. From strategy and planning to implementation and result monitoring, she works as though she were a part of our team. Her communications skills are of particular benefit to us due to her in-depth understanding of our business and the various global audiences we need to address. Our deadlines are tight and we often don’t give her much time or details to work with. Yet, what we get back is just perfect.  When I assign her a communication task, I only say “make us look brilliant”, knowing that she will, and she does, always.

Bumianto Polina, General Manager, Global Web Solutions: We rely on MintCopy for almost all of our communication needs. From customer newsletters to whitepapers, product manuals to website copy, brochures and other marketing collaterals, Sheetal’s team provides us with top quality content and fresh ideas suited to our business requirements. They are always quick to respond and go beyond our brief to deliver the best output. We enjoy working with Sheetal and find her to be a dependable and trusted consultant. She and her team at MintCopy are an extension of our organization and always within an arm’s length. I highly recommend her!

Marinela Gheorghe, past Program Coordinator, Make Child Poverty History: From the early days of its inception when ‘Make Child Poverty History’ (MCPH) was just an idea backed by a team of people who really wanted to make a difference, to its international scope today, Sheetal has played, by far, one of the most integral roles in this project.

Sheetal continues to be one of the main architects of this challenging and rewarding undertaking and the project would not have reached its full potential without her involvement. She gave our cause a voice through her mastery of words and told the story of what we’re trying to accomplish as we work towards lifting children from around the world out of poverty. Beyond generously lending her skills and her talent to the MCPH program, Sheetal brought her heart into it by putting in countless hours and championing this cause with unceasing commitment. I’m immensely grateful for her dedication and constant contribution and I wonder where would we be today without her involvement. Thank you, Sheetal!!!

Louis Fernandes, President, Mudra Concepts Inc.: Besides writing content for Mudra, we find that MintCopy goes above and beyond in providing strategic inputs and implementation support. Their communication strategy is very sound - Sheetal always keeps in mind our future business goals and diverse audiences. In MintCopy we benefit from a great business partnership. 


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