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Trained in SEO techniques and Internet marketing, our team creates powerful, persuasive copy that is compelling and encourages positive audience reaction. We write copy that is clean, refreshingly creative and guaranteed to bring results. Get yours now!

With the increasing influence of search engines on how most of us go about our day-to-day business, social engagements and life in general, it is not surprising that many websites speak to ‘spiders’ rather than human beings. Search marketing copy is often so completely focused on search engines that it leaves the real searcher, a human being, in the dark. You have probably been on a site before where the same terms are repeated so often you almost feel offended at the undermining of your reading and absorption capability! What’s more, you don’t really find what you are looking for and click away in annoyance. Because you are not a search engine spider, you are a human being with a specific need. Website copy must always, first and foremost, be written for human beings. 

Internet marketing experts and search consultants may tell you that the best way to get traffic to your landing page or website is to have an exhaustive list of keywords and search terms, densely populating your Web copy. Take that with a pinch of salt. (Better still, with a sprig of fresh mint!) Some refreshing advice for you – keyword density is great and is essential too, as long as it is relevant and gives your visitors the information they need. Remember that’s the reason they clicked on your pay-per-click ad, search listing or landing page. Building online traffic must have clear conversion goals, or else it can actually prove expensive and futile.

Imagine having to expend a fair budget on a pay-per-click campaign that gets phenomenal traffic (with you paying for every click on your ad) but conversion that is next to none! Or let’s say you buy and expensive email marketing list and do an email blast to hundreds of prospects. This may be relatively cheaper than online advertising but still takes time and effort. You want to make sure that your email actually passes spam filters and is not only opened but read and reacted to by a significant majority on your list. Doesn’t always happen, does it? So how do you close this gap between conversion and diversion? The answer is refreshing copy – copy that converts, copy that works, copy that sells.  

Our copywriters are experts in search marketing copy which is not necessarily voluminous but in fact, distinguished by its ability to cut through the clutter and coerce positive action. Often this is done with minimal text that is optimally placed and effectively written. So it doesn’t have to be paragraphs of wordy text, it could be the text in a call-to-action button, an extra question on your order booking page or the subject line for your email campaign.

Here’s an example: A female business executive considering a family vacation is searching for “family vacation to Cuba”. The first search listing takes her to a travel site’s page showing special deals on Cuban vacations with a call to action button for “Book your family vacation to Cuba”. She may or may not explore / shop around online until she finds the best deals and books her package. It is important that in less than 2 clicks, she was able to find what she was looking for.

She now goes a step further and searches for “family fun in Cuba”. The same travel sites show up in the search listings but none walk her through an itinerary of a family fun tour. She has to search through several event listings, identify the ones she thinks her family would enjoy and figure out ways to attend the same.
Think about it – the travel site that she chooses to book here vacation with could easily have built an instantly stronger and deeper relationship with this new online customer by including an “Add our family fun package to your booking” button with details on the additional package. The customer would have saved time by completing all requirements on one site and making a single booking for the entire vacation plan.   

When you use MintCopy services, we don’t just give you copy, we increase your online customer conversion goals with compelling copy that works. Get in touch for fresh copy, refreshing results!  .