Professional Web Copy Builds Credibility, Converts Customers

“Killer Content” Doesn’t Have to Kill Your Site

Professional Web Copy Must Enliven, Enlighten and Refresh!

It’s a crime scene that’s played out over and over again.  A beautifully designed site hacked up with poorly written web copy.  It’s an epidemic that’s taken over the Internet and has many business owners scratching their heads wondering “why me?” There are many so called “SEO writers”, “web copy professionals” and copywriting companies out there that promise “killer content”. Proceed with caution – you don’t want their killer content to kill your site and your business!

We don’t want to paint a picture of doom and gloom; but poorly written, unorganized web copy can not only make your site die a slow, painful death, but can actually make you LOSE prospective business. It takes more than a simple grasp of the English language to develop effectively written web copy. Professionally written web copy eloquently conveys your message, but at the same time methodically weaves specific keywords throughout the dialog for ideal optimization. 

May sound easy but well developed web copy is more of an art than a science. Web copywriters:

  • Have a keen eye and practiced skill to know how and where to place important keywords
  • Know how to communicate your message using pleasing and attractive phrases that the audience can relate to
  • Have the skill to continue to develop your key messages on an ongoing basis.

Take a look at some ways that poorly written web copy can kill your site:

  • Failing to connect with the audience. Well written web copy speaks directly to the audience; the writer knows the market and addresses the readers’ problems and provides solutions.
  • Missing a strong offer. For most, having a website is to encourage readers to respond to your offer or business. Some people believe that if they include the price or just describe what they are selling, the business is going to flow.  If the copy doesn’t convey a compelling offer not only will business come to a halt, readers may be confused about what you are trying to communicate. 
  • Not telling the reader “why” you are promoting the product or service.  Believe it or not, readers want to know why in the world you are promoting this product and why it is valuable to them.
  • Failing to include a sense of urgency.  The one disadvantage of communication on the web is that you don’t have the client right in front of you. You don’t have the ability to pick up on non-verbal cues and find ways to encourage them to buy right away. That’s why including a sense of urgency in your copy is imperative to getting people to act.  Let them know that NOW is the time!
  • Having no credibility. In these sceptical times, people want proof of your claims.  They need to know that you are a credible, knowledgeable source and one of the best ways to boost credibility is to include well written testimonials or references.
  • No call to action.  Don’t you hate it when you read a solid, inspiring article, but then don’t know how to act upon it?  Including a call to action on every page and piece of copy gives the reader a quick and easy way to make the next move.
  • The copy isn’t written by a true writer. We can all write; however, savvy readers can tell when the copy is written by an amateur and may be turned off simply because of that one reason. You don’t need James Joyce to write your web copy, but having a professional writer, who has experience and a proven track record in the business, will make your web copy sing!

There you have it—seven ways to kill your web site!  An effective site is a marriage between eye pleasing design and well written web copy—without one, the other fails.

Professional Web Copy Services - Sift the Grain from the Chaff

So what can you do when you want to promote your business in areas such as Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, Milton, Burlington, Hamilton, Markham or Scarborough?  Is there a truly professional, experienced and trained team of web copywriters that can help?

If you perform a quick Google search for web copywriters in the Greater Toronto Area, you’ll probably find quite a list of companies and writers, enthusiastically touting their talent and services.

Now you’re thinking, “You actually want me to go through this list and decide?”  It may not be as difficult as you think.  Apply a quick formula to discern between the “pros” and the “no’s:”

  • Look for testimonials and references—contact those clients and ask them what it was like to work with the web copy company and to describe their experience. Most importantly, ask about results!
  • Check out the web copywriting company’s work.  Browse different sites and web pages the company has written to get an idea of style and substance.
  • Review prices—you want a web copywriting company that offers affordable, competitive prices, but not rock bottom deals. It’s true what they say—you get what you pay for. Pay peanuts and you’ll only get monkeys!

One company to seriously consider during your search is MintCopy, Inc. We have it all—the enthusiastic clients and results, along with a team of talented, knowledgeable web copy experts. We are not Ninjas; we don’t promise “killer content”. We don’t even claim to be the Indiana Jones of the web copy business “saving you from destruction”.

Quite simply, we deliver fresh copy with refreshing results. Our copy is so clean and provoking, even you may want to buy a product from yourself! Now how’s that for compelling?! 

Check out our web copy services today. Call 416.728.6145 or toll free in North America at 1.888.MINT(6468).003.