Website Content

Writing for the Web is not the same as writing for a print medium. People read differently on the Web. How different? Think about what you would typically do:

  • You don’t READ on the Web, you SCAN
  • You don’t like long, scrolling pages, but prefer short and to the point text
  • You absolutely don’t want marketing fluff, you want substance
  • You want to scan easily without tripping up on complex words and phrases

Most of us are like you. We go to the Web because we have a task. There is something we need to do. There is a problem we need to solve. The essence of good copywriting is to compel the user to react! The written word helps people to react. In essence, words are the “Oxygen for the Web”.

Quite simply then, for your website to breathe and remain healthy, you need a continuous fresh supply of ‘oxygen’. Clean, relevant and targeted content are the hallmarks that differentiate our copywriting giving you great results, on time, every time. Appealing to what makes the reader feel good (great, actually), our copy is persuasive, compelling and engaging.

That is what makes the difference between conversion and diversion. We write copy that works.

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