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Loosen Your Bolts and Get Conversational

Create Content to Engage Your Technical Audiences

Hey there, manufacturing mavens! Welcome to the wacky world of digital marketing, where creativity reigns and humour is the secret ingredient to winning over your technical audience. We get it, and we do understand—your industry may seem as serious as a CNC milling machine, but your content doesn’t have to be the same. There is a way to break the monotony and loosen those bolts of seriousness. Here is our simple guide into the realm of conversational content that will engage even the most technically inclined folks. So, grab your safety goggles and buckle up for a whimsical ride into the world of manufacturing content marketing!

The Humour Nuts and Bolts—It Really is OKAY to Laugh Out Loud!

Before we dive into the nitty-gritty, let's take a moment to understand the power of humour (yes, that’s how we spell it here in Canada, and many other parts of the world!) Think about humour like a can of WD-40 for your content; it lubricates the minds of your readers, making your message more memorable and enjoyable. When you add a touch of humour to your content, you're not just another manufacturer selling useful products; you become a manufacturer with personality! Now, we are not suggesting that you turn your business into an online circus (unless you're manufacturing clown cars, then, by all means, go wild!). It's about finding the sweet spot that keeps your technical audience engaged while staying true to your brand identity.

Here are 4 Ways to Infuse Humour into Your Technical Content

Speak their Language

Manufacturing is a jargon-heavy domain, filled with acronyms and technical terms that could send your readers running for the hills. They hear enough of that on the shop floor already! You can turn those tongue-twisters into witty wordplay. Incorporate industry-specific puns or clever wordplay to make your content more accessible and relatable. For example, you can talk about quality control in a heavy, process-laden block of boring text, or you can mention your industry certifications like ISO, etc. and simply add, "Our products go through more tests than a squirrel crossing a racetrack!" By using humour that resonates with your audience, you'll build a connection that's both informative and entertaining.

Stories that Stick

Everyone loves a good story, including your technically inclined readers. Weave tales that illustrate the challenges and triumphs your business has faced. Take your audience on a journey that sparks their curiosity and echoes their own experiences. Engage their emotions by highlighting the human side of your manufacturing process. Share humorous anecdotes from the assembly line or customer testimonials that have an unexpected twist. By wrapping your message in a captivating story, you'll create a lasting impression that sticks, sort of like super glue!

Visualize the Fun

Don't let your words bear the entire burden of humour; incorporate visuals to lighten the load. Infographics, cartoons, or even humorous videos can add an extra dash of charm to your content. Imagine explaining the intricate details of your cutting-edge machinery through an animated GIF featuring dancing robots doing the twist. It not only captures attention but also creates a sense of playfulness that your audience will find refreshingly easy to follow and remember. Remember, a picture is worth a thousand chuckles!

Involve the Community

Nothing spreads the joy like involving your community in the fun. Encourage your readers to share their own humorous stories or participate in quirky contests related to your industry. Host a "Caption This" contest for a photo of your latest product or challenge your audience to come up with the most creative puns related to your manufacturing process. By engaging your community, you not only create a sense of camaraderie but also benefit from user-generated content that can fuel your future marketing campaigns.

Dear manufacturing moguls, it's time to revamp your content strategy and embrace the power of humour to engage your technical audience. By adding a touch of wit, speaking their language, sharing captivating stories, leveraging visuals, and involving your community, you'll transform your content into a magnet that attracts, entertains, and educates. So, unleash your creativity, tighten those funny bones, and get ready to conquer the world of manufacturing marketing with a smile. Remember, when it comes to engaging your technical audience, laughter truly is the best lubricant!

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