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10-Point Content Checklist for the Holidays

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Let Your Local Retail Business Outshine Big Box Stores!

It’s a common misconception—bigger is better. As a local retailer, you know that isn’t true. With your personalized attention, carefully sourced, unique products, and a charmingly different brand experience, you can serve holiday shoppers far better than many big box stores. To do that, however, you have to start by drawing attention away from those mega retailers to your local business. Here's a 10-point checklist that will have you competing with those brand name stores and leaving a trail of tinsel envy.

  1. Spooky SEO and Social Media Sizzle: Get into the Halloween spirit by posting spine-tingling content. Share pics of your "Haunted Store" decorations or costumes. Dress up your team as zombies, and caption that photo with "Don't worry, our discounts aren't decaying!" Optimize your website with Halloween-themed keywords like "spooky savings" or "fang-tastic deals" to ensure customers find you online. Don't be a ghost on the internet! Scare up some excitement with Halloween blog posts. Share costume ideas, pumpkin carving tips, or spooky stories to engage your audience. For example, "7 DIY Costume Ideas That'll Haunt Your Dreams!"
  2. Trick-or-Treat Email Campaign: Send out a BOO-tiful email blast announcing your Halloween Specials. Include a "mystery treat" like a coupon code hidden in an eerie riddle. Remember to use catchy subject lines for your emails. Offer exclusive "Trick or Treat" discounts for in-store costume shoppers, like "50% off for costumed customers" or "Free candy with every purchase!"
  3. Discount Gift Guides: Be Santa’s Helper and create gift guides for various budgets. For example, "Gifts Under $20: Making Spirits Bright Without Breaking the Bank" or "Luxury Gifts for Those on the Nice List." Share tips on what's trending and make gift-giving easier with a personal touch. Communicate your enthusiasm to connect with your audience. Instead of the standard gift guides, make yours unique. For instance, "Gifts for the Person Who Still Believes in Santa" or "Gifts for the Ugly Christmas Sweater Enthusiast."
  4. Deck the Halls with Early Bird Black Friday Deals: Start promoting Black Friday early – it's never too soon to spread the shopping joy. Tease your audience with whispers about the amazing discounts coming their way. Get creative with a "Countdown to Savings" calendar to build anticipation. Tease your Black Friday sales like they're the latest Marvel movie. Create anticipation with buzzworthy previews and posts like, "Prepare for the Shopping Storm: Black Friday Sneak Peek!" or "Unmask Our Black Friday Secrets!" And remember, nothing says savings like a Black Friday countdown clock on your website!
  5. Heartwarming Community Focused Stories: Publish stories about how your products or services have brought joy during the holiday season. This could be a touching customer testimonial or a feel-good community story. Feature customer reviews on your website, especially for holiday deals. Customers trust other customers. For example, "Janis H. says, 'Best Christmas deals in town!'" Showcase your store's holiday spirit with festive photos. Share stories about your connection to the local community. Highlight any charitable initiatives you're a part of and how shoppers can contribute. Spread joy and gratitude by thanking customers for supporting your small business during the holidays.
  6. Give the Gift of Convenience: Emphasize online ordering, curbside pickup, or delivery options. Make it a breeze for last-minute shoppers. For example, "We've got your back for those 'Oh no, I forgot!' moments!" Create a content calendar to keep you on track. Highlight important dates like Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday, and Boxing Day. Make sure you're on Santa's "nice" list for consistency! Give shoppers a heads-up on your post-holiday plans, like a "Thank You Sale" in January. Simplify the checkout process on your website. Long lines are for Santa's sleigh, not your website. Consider offering multiple payment options like PayPal, credit cards, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay, Google Pay, and more.
  7. Holiday Entertainment Hub: Develop a designated section on your website or a hashtag for holiday humour. Share funny holiday memes, jokes, and witty holiday-related content to keep your audience entertained and engaged. Be the local retailer who adds that extra sprinkle of joy to the holiday season. Run a "Guess the Christmas Song" contest on social media to keep the mood merry. Use clever copy like, "Shop local for gifts that sleigh this season!"
  8. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) Inducers: To keep up the excitement, announce flash sales with a sense of urgency. Use phrases like "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle, our flash sale ends at midnight!". Or try, "Last Chance to Snag Santa's Savings!" and "Don't Miss Out, Tinsel Time is Ticking!"
  9. Engage with Interactive Quizzes and Contests: Digital content has the immense power to be interactive and engaging. What better time to use this potential than the holidays! Run a "Find Your Perfect Gift" quiz on your website or social media. Include results like "You're a Cozy Cuddler - Check out Our Snuggle-worthy Blankets!" Create holiday-themed social media contests, like "Guess the Number of Ornaments in Santa's Sack" or "Ugly Sweater Photo Challenge" with fantastic prizes. Host quizzes like "What type of gift-giver are you?" and recommend products accordingly. Provide a "Holiday Hero" badge to those who score high.
  10. Behind-the-Scenes Sneak Peeks: Show your audience how the holiday magic happens. Share photos of your team preparing for the season, decorating the store, or unboxing new arrivals. Let them in on the fun! Build excitement with a countdown on social media. Toss around festive tidbits, like "Watch Santa’s Elves in Action! Only 12 days left until Santa's Sleigh of Savings lands at our store!" Make your store a holiday haven with decorations, holiday music, and maybe even a visit from Santa. Share these experiences on social media with posts like "Santa's Secret Stopover." Emphasize the importance of supporting local businesses during the holidays. Use slogans like "Shop Small, Give Big" or "Local Love for the Holidays: The Gift That Keeps on Giving."

Remember, it's not about outspending the big guys, but outsmarting them with a dash of humour, a sprinkle of creativity, and a pinch of personality. Make your content stand out against the big-box behemoths. It's not just about selling products; it's about creating a holiday shopping experience worth sharing. Let's sleigh this holiday season, local retailer style. So, jingle all the way, and watch those conversions climb higher than a kid on a sugar rush!

Wrap up these tips, put a bow on it, and get ready to welcome the holiday shoppers flocking to your store. Happy selling!

If you need a content agency to assist with your copywriting, especially your holiday season content, MintCopy is here to help.

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