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Why is Google Trends Important for Your SEO Strategy?

Good today and gone tomorrow! That is the way of trends in the world of SEO and content marketing. What may generate interest right now can fall out of favor due to the ever-changing search engine algorithms. What can you do to ensure that you’re up to date? One useful method is to utilize Google Trends to find useful metrics that help you stay relevant. To make your way to the top of search engine results pages (SERPs), it’s important to use a variety of proven methods to create quality content. Read below to learn how Google Trends can help you gain insight on popular trends, seasonality, regional demands, and your competitors.

Popular Keywords Funnel More Relevant Traffic

Identifying keywords that spark an active interest in your target audience is one of the biggest challenges of creating quality content. Having Google Trends in your SEO toolkit makes this process a whole lot easier. You can find hot keywords, recently trending topics, and see the difference in popularity between terms. You can also include voice searches which are often different from typed searches. It’s important to analyze long term popularity to ensure that your content doesn’t contain buzzwords that may fizzle out. With these tools, you can tailor your marketing plan to feature content that is both on-trend and will remain relevant over time. Not every piece of content will or should have lasting value, but it must at least serve to establish your brand’s expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness (E-A-T).

Tailor Your Content to Leverage Seasonal Trends

It doesn’t matter if your business is not seasonal. Frequently updating your SEO strategy and content calendar to include seasonal topics can help increase targeted traffic and ensure that you are maximizing your content marketing potential. With Google Trends, you can access long term data and easily spot when a search term is at its hottest. Using this information, you can create fresh content and release it at the perfect time to capitalize on seasonal patterns. Trends aren’t limited to holiday shopping and the weather; seasonal trends are present in many industries. With some research you might spot an opportune time to invigorate your brand with timely, relevant, engaging content.

Cater to Your Audience’s Content Cravings

This is easier said than done. Despite the astute and ever-improving efficacy of Artificial Intelligence, you cannot replace the power of real relationships. Learning the interests of your customer base is a fail-safe way to create content that speaks to your audience. In addition, Google Trends gives you the opportunity to analyze popularity by country, region, county, or city. Use this localized information to align your brand with the interests of your region. Looking to improve your performance internationally? Use this tool to get a sense of what is popular in other countries so that you can tailor your content to maximize reach.

Keep an Eye on Your Competition’s Content

Do you want to know if your SEO initiatives are as effective as your competitors’? The Google Trends comparison tool can help you find out. With this tool, you can research popularity data that allows you to easily compare your website’s traffic to your rivals’. This is integral to measuring the success of your marketing plan and discovering ways to strengthen your content. If you notice that your competitors are experiencing a positive trend that you are not, it may be worthwhile to examine what changes they’ve made. Your next SEO strategy update can incorporate some of these proven, effective content ideas.

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